Watch Your W.A.G.O.N.S.

We provide training on W.A.G.O.N.S. Water, Air, Gas, Oil, Noises, and Smells


Training how to care for the cooling system of the car, how to check the fluid level by waiting until the car is cool, how to fill it when it gets low, what kind of fluid to use, and where to buy it.


Training on proper tire inflation, how to fill the tire pressure, how to tell when a tire is low, how to tell when a tire is wearing improperly, and what to do about it.


Training on how to take care of the fuel system of the car by keeping the fuel from running out and by keeping the tank running on the top half of the tank and not the bottom half; thereby avoiding condensation in your tank and damaging the fuel pump by running it out of fuel. Training on how to drive the car skillfully to increase fuel mileage.


Training about the different places that oils and fluids are used in their car, how to check the fluid levels, how to fill them, what kind of fluids to use, and when and how often the fluids should be checked and changed.


Learn to know the regular noises your car makes during normal use and operation, and how to recognize an unusual sound. Learning the importance of giving your car some professional attention when unusual sounds occur to avoid more expensive repairs later as a result of neglect.


Training to be aware of any changes in smells that the car may make. How to recognize that the car is overheating just by the smell, or when they have an antifreeze leak, a gasoline leak, an oil leak on the exhaust, overheated brakes, a tire rubbing on something, an exhaust leak, just to mention a few of the kinds of problems that can be detected by smell.


Then, apply if your car is past the point of no return.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials from Cars That Care are coming soon! In the meantime, watch this video for some basic car tips.