Testimonial Page


First and foremost, I would like to thank you for giving The Cars That Care Foundation a gift that can help single Mothers such as myself… This car will change my familys lifestyle in so many ways. We would be able to start going back to Church, we can go to the Aquarium, the Zoo, and so many more places. This car will also allow my kids to join after school activities and programs, by making things more time manageable. And for me, this car will make it easier to find stable housing for my children and i, it would also help me to continue my education in Pre-Medical Health Science by making it easier to get to class on time. Again we would like to say thank you very much.


I would like to Thank The Cars that Care foundation for helping me and my family get our vehicle back on the road so I could get to and from my job by helping me get my Trailblazer repaired where I would have never been able to afford it. It means the world to my kids and I to get the help. Thank you so much.


Hello my name is Alba Benitez I am a single mother of a 12 year old girl we have been struggling a lot… We are so thankful of how bless we been this last couple of days. I have been thinking all weekend long on how to write you this email but I cant find the words that describe how grateful I am with this foundation with the people that make this happen with much joy, happiness, and tears in my eyes i want to say thank you so much for allowing us to have a chance to have a better life a better future. God bless every single one of you with longer life and love..

A Mother and Her Children

Hello. We thank you for giving us our car. We can now get to appointments or go do things we really do like; swim or go to parks. We are very thankful for what you did for us!!!!

Thank you so much for your generosity! The gift of a car will change our lives. Now it won’t cost $40 to make a run to the grocery store! (Bus tickets). Now we an all make it to appointments we’ve been missing, but desperately need to get for our health. And now the kids can go to the park, have swimming lessons, go hiking, and many other activities that enrich our lives that we have all been missing. We will main aware of this gift and always on the lookout for ways to pay our good fortune forward by helping others with our new car=) Thank you SO much!!!!


Dear good Samaritan,

With the help of Earl and Vicky, I received the gift of a car. My daughter and I are deeply grateful for the generous gift of the Toyota Camry. As soon as we brought it home, we took it to the carwash and we cleaned it inside out. I noticed this car was taken care of with much love, and we want you to know that we will continue to to care for it just as well.

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift, I’m eternally grateful to you, and very thankful to Earl and Vicky for this awesome program.


Nine years ago, in May 2010, our family of six turned into a family of nine. Due to parental neglect, our two nieces and one nephew came to live with us. That same week, I discovered I was pregnant. We had a fully functional mini-van at the time, but there was no way we could fit all of us in it! We sold the mini-van and the Lord blessed us with the opportunity to purchase a 1987 Suburban, which was in immaculate condition and ran well….it was old, it was a gas-guzzler, but we were grateful to be able to have transportation and enough seatbelts for each of us!

In 2015, my Uncle and Aunt (Les and Jeanette Paskett) put us in touch with Earl/Cars that Care. They were concerned about our old Suburban, the reliability and the costs associated with maintaining an older vehicle. We were so touched, and had immense gratitude when we were given our Chevy Tahoe by your foundation!

The story doesn’t end there, however. In December 2015, our baby, by this time nearly five years old, was diagnosed with cancer. Nearly all of his treatments for the next 2 and 1/2 years would be at Primary Children’s Hospital -260 miles from home, one way. That Chevy Tahoe, donated by your foundation for our family, took us to and from that hospital countless times, in every sort of weather imaginable. It never faltered, it never let us down -it was the perfect blessing, at the perfect time.

My son finished his treatments last April. He no longer shows any evidence of disease. The Tahoe is still running strong, with over 250,000 miles! We are so blessed!

Thank you for caring…for blessing others…for blessing us.


My family and I wanted to take the time to thank whomever was responsible for helping my family get into a more reliable vehicle. It means alot, especially when my husband is constantly having to drive me and my son. We both suffer from chronic health problems and we needed a more reliable vehicle to drive to appointments, hospitals, and primary childrens hospital (when needed as well). You dont have any idea what a load of pressure and stress this has lifted off of my chest. Thanks again always from my family and I. God bless you and all of those that helped my family and I. We can’t thank you enough. Always, truly grateful family!


“I love them .. They are an amazing foundation and wonderful ppl they were so good with my kid who has special needs

And when my car had an issue they fixed it to get me back on the road when it was undriveable they had it towed.. They have changed our lives for the better. They are truly a blessing from God

Thank you cars that care…stay wonderful”


My name is Annie, I have four beautiful children. Thanks to your donation, we have transportation that I can get my children safely to/from school, to important appointments, no more asking for rides to the grocery store. They are no longer scared or worried about where, when or how we are going to get to those places. They love the van! They feel safe and have really enjoyed having their own spots in the van. There is a tradition in our family that we name our vehicles and we have named our van “Thumper” life off Bambi. My kids thought it was appropriate to name our van this because it is trustworthy and brings us joy like a best friend. We thank you for your willingness to help those in need by donating this vehicle to Cars That Care Foundation. This has truly blessed my children and I’s life. Your donation has helped us provide a stable piece in our puzzle. There are many pieces left to put together in our life. But this one is a very important and very cherished one. We always appreciate and cherish this donation and would like to tell you thank you.

Thank you so much!


God’s angels!! I applied in the beginning of 2018 after my car broke down before Christmas and couldn’t be repaired. After patiently waiting, they received a generous donation and gave it to me. Thank you to Vicky and her Husband for this gift. I’m happy to have transportation to make our lives better. I am starting back at school soon and couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Ben, Alyssa, and William

Our names are Benjamin and Alyssa. We have a seven-month old son, his name is William. When Alyssa was 23 weeks pregnant with our son we both were given devastating news that William had a rare defect and would not live after birth. We prepared funeral arrangements and prepared for his death. On May, 17th 2016 William was born and was thriving. He was born with a rare defect on his head which makes him require a lot of medical attention and surgeries, but he was alive and healthy.

William has had a total or 10 surgeries, 4 hospital stays (two which lasted two months), and many procedures. After his second hospital stay, we decided to buy a second car in order to have the means to better care for William. Taking him to the hospital in an emergency, taking him to his doctor appointments and therapies while Ben is at work. We just moved to Utah from Idaho to be closer to Primary Children’s hospital so we didn’t have a lot of money to buy a second car. We talked with Earl from Cars That Care, and he gave us a 1998 Olds Mobile.

This car has saved us many times in the last couple months. William has needed to go to the emergency room 4 times and Alyssa was able to take him while Ben was at work. We have been able to take William to his doctor’s appointments without Ben missing work or Alyssa taking the bus, or driving extra miles to the appointments. We are forever grateful for your contribution, because of your donation William is safe, and can have the care he needs and deserves. Thank you.


I would like to say thank you, the vehicle has made such a huge difference already. It is such a blessing to be able to tell my boys hold on I’ll be right there or not stress on getting to work and back home. I’m thankful to the Good Lord above that there are still good people in this world. Thank you I’m very grateful.