About Cars That Care

Mission Statement

About us: We are a hand up, not just another hand out.

Cars That Care is a non-profit organization that works hard to provide cars for single mothers and needy families.

The foundation accepts vehicles to refurbish and donate or dispose of and use money towards repairing usable cars. Refurbished and donated cars are given to single mothers and families in need. As a result, peoples lives will be changed by your donation. In addition, all cash donations to Cars That Care are tax deductible. Also, recipients are taught maintenance and proper care for their vehicles.

Earl and Vickie are wonderful people who will do their best to serve you.

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Founded in January 2012 by Earl DeWaal, Trustee.


Jennifer Campbell

Nine years ago, in May 2010, our family of six turned into a family of nine. Due to parental neglect, our two nieces and one nephew came to live with us. That same week, I discovered I was pregnant. We had a fully functional mini-van at the time, but there was no way we could fit all of us in it! We sold the mini-van and the Lord blessed us with the opportunity to purchase a 1987 Suburban, which was in immaculate condition and ran well....it was old, it was a gas-guzzler, but we were grateful to be able to have transportation and enough seatbelts for each of us! In 2015, my Uncle and Aunt (Les and Jeanette Paskett) put us in touch with Earl/Cars that Care. They were concerned about our old Suburban, the reliability and the costs associated with maintaining an older vehicle. We were so touched, and had immense gratitude when we were given our Chevy Tahoe by your foundation! The story doesn't end there, however. In December 2015, our baby, by this time nearly five years old, was diagnosed with cancer. Nearly all of his treatments for the next 2 and 1/2 years would be at Primary Children's Hospital -260 miles from home, one way. That Chevy Tahoe, donated by your foundation for our family, took us to and from that hospital countless times, in every sort of weather imaginable. It never faltered, it never let us down -it was the perfect blessing, at the perfect time. My son finished his treatments last April. He no longer shows any evidence of disease. The Tahoe is still running strong, with over 250,000 miles! We are so blessed! Thank you for caring. Thank you for blessing others. Thank you for blessing us.

Cynthia Alexander

"I love them .. They are an amazing foundation and wonderful ppl they were so good with my kid who has special needs And when my car had an issue they fixed it to get me back on the road when it was undriveable they had it towed.. They have changed our lives for the better. They are truly a blessing from God Thank you cars that care...stay wonderful"

Karly Renae Hill

God's angels!! I applied in the beginning of 2018 after my car broke down before Christmas and couldn't be repaired. After patiently waiting, they received a generous donation and gave it to me. Thank you to Vicky and her Husband for this gift. I'm happy to have transportation to make our lives better. I am starting back at school soon and couldn't have done it without you!!!